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Chance the Rapper donates $1M to Chicago Public Schools

Chicago, IL –

After a disappointing and lackluster meeting with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, Chance decided to take matters into his own hands. The hope was for the Governor to exercise his executive order and allot 215 million to Chicago Public Schools. However, in December 2016 he vetoed the decision instead.

On Monday, March 6, 2017, while holding a press conference at Chicago’s Westcott Elementary School, Chance announced his donation of 1 million dollars to support the Arts and Enrichment programming.

Chance states that he’s committed to helping Chicago’s children have a quality learning experience, experiences that include the Arts.

Chance donates his money as a call to action. He challenged major companies and corporations in Chicago and across the US to donate and to take action. CPS would like these businesses to invest in them, the same way they’ve invested in their organizations.

For every one 100k raised, they will donate 10k to a specific high school or elementary school.

A reporter asked Chance how long is his commitment to funding [CPS]. Chance stated he’s not sure how long he’ll be alive, but it goes along with him being a Chicago native and being a product of CPS.

We salute you Chance for stepping up and showing that work can be done for the community, both individually AND collectively.

Donations can be made at:

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