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Louisiana: Sagging Pants Law

July 2015: A Louisiana law introduced in Jefferson Davis parish makes it a crime
for people to wear their pants in any way that can be defined by police as “sagging.” Police in Jefferson Davis parish states that “anything that is too low.”

Local police jurors unanimously passed an ordinance which makes it illegal to appear in a public place with pants that are “below the waist” or which expose the “skin” below the waist, or “undergarments.” However, this erroneous law has no set gauge to measure what is deemed too low and by whom.

The “waist” is an ill-defined concept that gives the police authority to issue you a citation if your pants are simply sitting loosely on your waist, without a belt. The smallest amount of undergarment sticking above the pants-line can be defined by police as “criminal.” There’s a possibility of just one centimeter of an undergarment coming above the waistline on your pants, you are now a criminal in the parish.

This could result in a $50 fine for the first offense followed by a $100 fine for every subsequent violation.

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