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I was on my way to a family gathering at a bowling alley in Atlanta, GA, when I noticed a handsome, young man who looked very familiar at the entrance. After staring at him for a few minutes, I realized that young man was my favorite singer’s brother.
I immediately hopped out of the car and ran up to him and asked, “Where is Monica?!” He probably thought I was a crazy woman, but he laughed, pointed towards the entrance and told me she was inside. I ran into the bowling alley looking for her.

I walked through the doors and there she was, looking lovely as she just got finished filming for her show and wrapping up her son’s birthday party. I quickly walked over to her and told her that I loved her and asked if she could take a picture with me. She smiled, laughed and said “Sure, no problem!”. She was so sweet and nice. And even though she was with her family and friends and was ready to leave, she still took a second to take a picture and it made my day!

Natalie J.

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